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Ur Dice

Ur Dice


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1 set of 4 Tetrahedron dice. These dice are black with painted yellow Tips.

In 3800BC Sumer, Early man, at the dawn of his international evolution, figured out something that has eluded most of since that day.

All dice that humans use in today's modern gaming, have a random chance of rolling the same thing every time you them, dice by today's standards are dummy objects. Your chances of rolling a 3 on a six-sided die are 1 in 6 chance every time you roll them. The expectation is very simple and plain, but not in 3800BC, back then Sumerian mathematicians figured out a way to build dice that behave a certain way to allow a higher decision-making process when thing about a game.

Ghosts of Ur is the new tabletop adventure game that utilizes these dice.


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