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Interesting Variants

Draft Variants

Blind Draft
Shuffle without looking and place all of the Player Cards back into the burlap bag, and each player draws an Adventurer.

Eliminated Draft
Shuffle without looking and place all of the Player Cards back into the burlap bag, and draw the remainder of cards of the number of players subtracted from 6. Example: If there are 4 players, you would remove 2 Player Cards. Place the rest of the cards face up and draft as normal.

Gala Master

The Gala Master (GM) assumes the role of the Gala as in core rules but doesn't play an Adventurer. The GM rolls combat against all Adventures and receives a Nisi Emuq Card upon every win with Kish, Akkadians, Ghosts of Ur, and Nanna. The GM has a card limit of 6 just as the Adventurers do. The GM can use Nisi Emuq Cards from their hand during combat before their defense roll. The GM can also sell Nisi Emuq Cards to Adventures for twice the value of Lapis Lazuli in Equipment Value. Example: A Polished Gem is worth 5 Lapis Lazuli, and an Adventurer can buy it with a total Equipment Value of 10 or more. The GM can win the game by defeating all Adventures as Nanna 3 times each.

Team Play

Adventures play cooperatively or with multiple Adventurers each. The highest roll on the combat dice is still the Gala. In cooperative play, each team consists of 2 or more players. You draft as normal after picking teams. With multiple Adventurers, each player drafts one Adventurer, then you repeat the process. Each team is still limited to 6 cards for both the Nisi Emuq and Discovery Cards, shared between all team members.


For every third consecutive roll of 2, you must roll for an Ambush, if you clear the Ambush you move your two as normal and continue to roll your 2's. If you fail to clear the ambush your turn is over.

Brodgar Vision

Brodgar can potshot into all surrounding tiles including the diagonal tiles.

Dust Devil

After moving into AvA combat you may use a Sandstorm and a Vanish Powder to force the defender to retreat.

Full Gala Bag

All of the Ur Mountians are mixed in with all of the other Tiles to be pulled out randomly. In the event that a Adventurer any face down Ur Mountains would be flipped (from Night Vision) and if Nanna is not in play that Adventurer would be caravaned to the nearest Oasis. Play goes as normal once Nanna is in play!

Recommence AvA

If an Adventurer has lost their 3rd attempt with all of the Player Cards, all of the remaining Adventurers have their Player Cards returned. If you are the last Adventurer left in the game when your Player Card is returned, you are automaticly Caravaned to Nanna and must Fight with your current equipment.