Adventurer Lore

The Ubaid period, spanning from 6700 BCE to 3700 BCE, has drawn to a close. Among the scattered tribes and communities of native peoples across Western Europe, word has spread through whispers and hearsay that the elusive "Light of the East" lies just beyond the horizon. In the cradle of civilization, the first and most magnificent cities of Sumer now stand, their treasures waiting to be discovered by intrepid travelers. Embark on this epic odyssey, where you will uncover the grandeur of these ancient metropolises, amass the necessary wealth and supplies, and seek the wisdom of Nanna, the deity of the moon, as day turns to night. Scale towering mountains, navigate treacherous waters, traverse unforgiving deserts, engage in strategic conflicts across the land of Sumer, and persevere in your noble quest.

Anglean entered this world on January 12th, 3820 BCE, along the sun-kissed shores of Southern Caledonia. From a young age, he stood head and shoulders above his peers, possessing great physical strength but less of an inclination toward intellectual pursuits. Consequently, he often found himself assigned the straightforward task of guarding his group without the liberty to question their directives.A tragic misunderstanding during a confrontation with his group resulted in violence that claimed the lives of most of its members, leading to Anglean's subsequent isolation and ostracism. Left to wander aimlessly through the expanse of Central Europe, he seemed to move from one chaotic event to the next, leaving destruction in his wake. In the year 3793 BCE, a chance encounter with a compassionate soul pointed him in the direction of the East. Motivated by the prospect of a thousand-mile journey, Anglean harbored dreams of discovering what he believed to be a lifetime's worth of free sustenance and the embrace of a caring family to share it with.

Balfarg came into the world on April 20th, 3824 BCE amidst the towering peaks of Central Europe. Despite his advanced age, he possesses remarkable climbing skills and a stamina that defies his years. Balfarg holds a deep reverence for the beauty of nature, cherishing every aspect of the flora and fauna that surround him. His penchant for collecting and nurturing goes beyond moderation, a trait that he grapples with on most days. His insatiable curiosity and profound love for the natural world are only rivaled by the profound sorrow he carries within him over the loss of his daughter. It was in the year 3893 BCE, near the twilight of his existence, that Balfarg made the life-altering decision to embark on an eastern journey. He had caught wind of rumors speaking of a land abundant with natural wonders and the promise of redemption. Driven by an unrelenting desire to appease the God of the Earth, Balfarg fervently hopes to find a way to bring back his beloved daughter from the clutches of death.

Beaker made his entrance into the world on November 12th, 3807 BCE as a small and vulnerable child, only two years old. His early years were marked by hardship, as his mother was taken captive and enslaved by a small group in the mountainous northern regions of what we now know as the Iberian Peninsula. Growing up, Beaker was intimately acquainted with the injustices faced by those deemed "others" in the confines of a tight-knit social circle. His opportunity for freedom arose in 3793 BCE when a significant portion of the group met their demise at the hands of members from an Eastern Caravan. Seizing this chance, Beaker embarked on a journey that led him to roam the lower European corridor, captivated by the elusive promise of the Light of the East that he had glimpsed within that caravan. Beaker possesses a unique skill set honed during his captivity, particularly in the art of crafting fine clay powder. However, his physical stature bears the scars of years of abuse, leaving him slight and damaged. Given his past, Beaker prefers to evade confrontation and employs vanish powder to escape if ever confronted. His abilities also extend to the realm of stealth, allowing him to pilfer items unnoticed with expert finesse.

Brodgar's journey began on January 14, 3833 BCE, with his birth on a small island to the north of Caledonia. However, his path would be marked by darkness and cruelty. Brodgar harbored an unsettling obsession with the pain and suffering of small animals, a sinister fascination that set him apart from his group. In 3818 BCE, he became the scapegoat for his group's fears, labeled as "Thuton," and subsequently exiled, condemned to wander aimlessly towards his impending demise. For a quarter of a century, Brodgar endured the harsh life of a wanderer in the unforgiving landscapes of Central Europe. It was during this time that he heard a glimmer of hope from a member of a passing caravan, who spoke of a figure named Enlil to the East. This enigmatic individual was said to possess the power to extend life and bestow mercy. Driven by desperation and an intense self-loathing, Brodgar embarked on a journey Eastward, clinging to the belief that this mysterious being could change his fate. Brodgar's heart is consumed by hatred, directed both inwardly and outwardly, as he despises not only himself but everything and everyone he encounters. Death is not a simple matter for him; it is a specter that haunts his every step. He fears not only witnessing the end but also the inevitability of his own demise, making his journey one fraught with torment and despair.

Manx came into the world on August 10th, 3817 BCE, in the lower regions of Hibernia. Born to salt farmers, he harbored a deep-seated dream of escaping the confines of the land and venturing out onto the open sea in pursuit of wealth. By 3795 BCE, Manx had successfully realized both parts of his aspiration but found himself driven by an insatiable hunger for more. A highly skilled trader and seafarer, Manx became a formidable leader, orchestrating numerous raids on small villages scattered across Central Europe. However, the lure of untold riches beckoned him from the East, where rumors spoke of an elusive fortune beyond compare. Fueled by this tantalizing prospect, Manx embarked on a quest to locate and claim the ultimate wealth, whatever form it might take.

Westhey was born on December 4th, 3817 BCE, amidst the lush, forested regions of central Britannia. Tragedy struck when a blight claimed the lives of everyone in his family, leaving him profoundly alone in the world. It was during a burial ceremony, while in a state of deep meditation, that Westhey experienced a powerful druidic vision. In this vision, he glimpsed a land bathed in the light of the rising sun, a place where people could live free from the specter of blight and the judgment of the forest Gods. Tall, slight, and remarkably fleet-footed, Westhey possessed an uncanny ability to traverse the terrain more adeptly than most of his fellow humans. Fueled by the vision that had stirred his soul during the burial ceremony in 3793 BCE, he embarked on a quest to locate the mythical land he had seen in his waking dream—a place where hope and freedom awaited.