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Ghosts of Ur

Ghosts of Ur


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The adventure game, set in 3800BC Sumer, where you play as one of the original nomadic peoples of Western Europe, making your way through the first and most significant of humanity's civilizations to achieve fame and fortune.

High Quality Game Components


6 Pewter Adventurers'

Made here in our Buffalo NY facility. They all range from 25mm to 40mm tall and they weigh 11g to 16g of hand-casted pewter. Shown in Antiqued Blackened Pewter and Plain Pewter!

100% silicone Adventure mat

This mat is very durable, washable & foldable. It's made up of a grid of 145 spaces for your journey through Sumer. The mat measures 27" X 27" with 2" squares, The squares hold the tiles perfectly! Makes for an exciting journey!!!

The Tileset

Consisting of 145 (2") tiles that make up Ancient Sumer, There is also a super cool Burlap Storage Bag that holds these tiles!

20 Kish

Hand-cast pewter pieces, shown in Antiqued Blackened Pewter and Regular Pewter. Burlap Storage Bag.

3 Akkadians

Hand-cast pewter pieces, shown in Antiqued Blackened Pewter. Burlap Storage Bag.


6 Player/Quick reference Cards

The cards represent each of the Adventurers, Anglean, Balfarg, Beaker, Brodgar, Manx, and Westhey. Random quick reference rules are on the back of each card. These also have a Burlap Storage Bag.

The dice of Ghosts of Ur

1 Lapis Lazuli 20 Sided Die

1 Set of 4 UR Dice

4 Pair of Color-Matched 1-100 Combat Dice

Colors are Sand, Blue, Brown, and Green

1 Deck of Nisi Emuq Cards

Treasure of Ancient Sumer. Are awarded at the end of combat that has been won. They have Lapis Lazuli and Equipment value.

1 Deck of Discovery Cards

Are awarded at the end of an Adventurers' turn. They can help or hinder an Adventurer during their journey.

Map Cards

Six of each, Grain, Sky, Storm, and Water. Map Cards are purchased while Adventurers are on Ziggurats.

Burlap Storage Bags

Burlap Storage Bags with Drawstrings for storing all of the different parts of the game.


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